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Kullerbu | kringel domino ball track set

HABA £107.12
  • two-way domino set for your Kullerbu ball track
  • watch them all fall down
  • supports connecting schema and small world play

HABA Kullerbu kringel domino is a set of colourful pieces and a speedy balls for your wooden ball track. Use it with your HABA Kullerbu tracks to introduce domino fun to your connecting creations. Line up the pieces in the domino staircase then watch as the balls comes speeding down the track!  Pieces can also fall upwards depending on the set up. The Kullerbu range is designed especially for 2 to 8-year-olds with chunky pieces and easy-to-use clunk and click mechanics, for sturdy tracks that you can play and play. 

Dimensions L 48.5 cm W 45.5 cm H 13 cm

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