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My Great Big Orchard Game Collection

HABA £53.95
  • 10 Orchard games in one set

  • simple rules and pieces especially for small hands

  • develops memory, matching and sorting skills

HABA My Great Big Orchard Game Collection is a compendium of the classic Orchard game and 9 other games in one handy set. 10 games with easy rules and fun, recognisable characters give your child the perfect start to the world of board games. Memory, taking turns, counting and sorting are all developed through the sharing of games.Set includes: gardener, 4 ravens, 2 dice,  4 cloth bags, 4 baskets, 40 fruits, 32 memory tiles, 36 playing cards, 1 raven puzzle with 9 pieces, 4 puzzle game boards, , 2 double-sided game boards and full set of instructions.
Item Dimensions L 13.62 cm W 13.78 cm H 3.46 cm

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