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Junk-Model Robot

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All junk-modelling is fun, but a robot has extra value in that he or she can become a character and used for imaginative play. You can make families, or armies, of robots - no matter how often you make them they always seem to take on their own character and personality. Junk robots are also a brilliant way to support the child who is exploring their connecting schema. Working out ways in which a robot’s limbs can stay together and move will keep the connector engrossed for many happy hours.

There is no instruction manual for making your own robot but some junk items you can use include:


Old boxes, tubes, bottle lids, packaging

Sticky tape or glue

String (great for attaching moving limbs)


Aluminium foil (for authentic metallic robots)

Buttons or sequins for eyes

Old cds (for robots on wheels)

Old toothbrushes

Circuit boards and wires from old electronic devices (though do this under strict supervision as some components can be dangerous or contain hazardous materials) 

Use whatever bits and pieces that you have to build your robot. You can incorporate other interests by making your robot a dinosaur robot or a clown robot - there are no limits.

For more information about junk-modelling, see the entry in the 100 here.

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