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ball track in bag [70 pieces]

Kaden £109.19
  • block-based ball track
  • build and connect
  • develops problem-solving and perseverance

Kaden small ball track in a bag is a complete block-based wooden marble run that presents your child with many years of absorbing, problem-solving play. The wooden blocks in the Kaden range are designed to connect with every other block and allow balls to run through, turn corners and drop levels. Children build structures which also function as marble runs, learning perseverance, hand-eye co-ordination, engineering and a host of other skills as they go. 

Made in Germany from steam treated beech wood. 

 Track in a bag includes: 

11 full elements easy

8 full elements double

8 straight elements easy

4 straight elements double

32 quarter circles

6 semicircles

1 intersection

6 balls 26mm

1 linen bag

70 blocks in total

Not for children under 3 years!

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