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Learn And Play Ball

Manhattan Toy Company £6.00

The Wimmer-Ferguson Learn & Play Ball is a visually stimulating soft ball for babies. Developmental in nature, this ball features high-contrast black and white, research-proven images on each segment. On a background of mixed, bold colour fabric, this vibrant ball will stimulate and delight inquisitive souls with developing visual and cognitive skills; such as visual focusing and image recognition. In addition to its visual benefits, the ball is fun to roll, throw and hold and has ribbon tethers all over for tactile appeal; which can be gripped in a pincher fashion to help develop this important fine motor skill.

Measuring approximately 15cm x 15 cm x 15cm, this ball is the perfect size for fun play and can be rolled and watched during tummy time sessions.

Professional research has shown that new-borns are more attracted to high-contrast patterns than to colour and brightness. The Wimmer-Ferguson range from Manhattan Toy perfectly caters to the developing vision of new-borns, offering them the best opportunity to see stimulating patterns when their vision is limited. Introduce vibrant colours and developmental patterns to your baby’s playtime with the visually stimulating Wimmer-Ferguson Learn & Play Ball.

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