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Learn My ABC

Oskar & Ellen £35.95
The Oskar & Ellen Learn My ABC is a beautiful handmade ABC book. Little fabric animals each have their own pouch for children to find, and learn the alphabet as they play. A very special item that makes a gift to keep and pass down. 
Dimensions L 19.05 cm W 3.05 cm H 27.94 cm

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Lesley G.

Hands up - how many of you know what a xenops is? Well, it's one of the rather age inappropriate characters in this ABC bag, along with nightingale, quail and vulture. It's actually difficult to review this as, like all the Oskar & Ellen toys, it's really well made, the little stuffed animals are cute, and my granddaughter loves putting them in the pockets. But there's the problem: unlike the same bag made for other languages, the English bag only has a few animals and a few open pockets; the others have a little soft toy for every pocket. I contacted O&E about this - to give feedback and ask about X - and was told that the information they were given before producing this was that the English market wouldn't pay for an ABC with a stuffed toy in every pocket. I think this is a shame as it removes a lot of the fun. Still, how many kids start school knowing what a xenops is!

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