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Time to go large! Most children are excited by the wow-factor of something over-size, whether it’s a lifesize version of their favourite character or a giant water pistol. Over-size construction has all the fun of BIG, with the added benefits of helping them develop a better understanding of material properties; the bendiness of cardboard or the strength of wood are all easier to understand, and put to the test, on a larger scale.

It’s also great for gross motor skills and dexterity: manoeuvring large pieces requires a kind of control that is unfamiliar for small hands. Extra care and skill is needed to carry, turn or push a big plank or box.

You can use boxes, planks, old tyres, sheets, buckets and anything else you want to incorporate into your over-size construction. And once you’ve built it, you can use your structure for a den or hideout.

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