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Victorian doll's house

Plan Toys £299.95
  • magnificent wooden dollhouse
  • a home for all your dolls
  • a space for imaginative play and storytelling

Plan Toys Victorian doll's house is the definitive wooden house for imaginative play with your dolls and other toys. This sturdy, handsome home is crafted in a natural wood finish, combining a sense of nostalgic grandeur with a clean, modern aesthetic. The doors open to reveal a central staircase, four generous rooms and an attic.Two children can easily play side-by-side with plenty of dolls and furniture in the house. This is a magical small world setting, built for many years of play. 
Dimensions L 43.3 cm W 32 cm H 73 cm

Read more about doll's house play and why it's important in our guide.


What's so special about doll's house play?

The Plan Toys Victorian Doll's House has all the features you need for years of small world fun. With the front closed you can peep inside through the windows and doors, quietly observing the lives of the inhabitants. Or you can open it up and get involved in the story.

What are the best dolls to use?

With doll's house play, there are no rules. If you've ever observed your child's play, you'll have noticed that the size of the furniture and figures is unimportant. As long as the scale is approximately right, it won't get in the way of the story. But the thing that will maximise play potential is to have a variety of dolls: parents, grandparents, children and pets. With every additional figure you multiply the number of possible interactions. You don't need many, but choose carefully: there's more scope for storytelling with a mother, son and dog than there is with three sisters.

Why we love dolls and doll's houses

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