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Biased Arc

Raduga Grez £15.30
Sometimes, to generate new ideas you need to shift your usual view just a bit. A biased rainbow inspires so many games like no other toy does. You can combine its details in any way and turn them into a mountainous road for toy cars, or imagine it is the Loch Ness Monster coming out of the lake, or a hole of some tiny creature. Biased rainbow will turn on your imagination and inspire its fascinating work!

How to play:

  • Build Venice or Saint-Petersburg and use arches like bridges
  • Mix the stackers and try to guess their size from 1 to 7 with your eyes closed
  • Make the hills and walk your fingers along them
  • Imagine that every arch is a gnome’s house. Give a name to each gnome and create a story
  • Find balance placing one arch on top of another
  • Build a tunnel for a car
  • Outline the details with a pencil on a paper
  • Learn more about colors
  • Play “more-less”

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