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Big Sculpture Stacking Tower

Raduga Grez £15.00
The process of playing with a sculptural stacking tower is as creative as watching the clouds floating on the sky. What does a pyramid resemble? A tower? A lighthouse? Maybe a vase for flowers or a spool of thread? Make a competition on who comes up with more ideas. Roll the details on the floor or put them one on top of another and enjoy interesting, untypical colors.

How to play:

  • Disassemble the tower and assemble it back, placing details in any order
  • Ask a child to use imagination and say what the details look like. The winner is the one who comes up with the most comparisons (wheels, eyes, plates, vinyl records etc.)
  • Wind some woolen thread around the tower and it will look like a spool
  • Roll the details and see which one rolls faster

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