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Diversity Building Blocks

Raduga Grez £51.00
This building blocks set does not give any prompts or guidelines for playing. It is for creative and conscious children of the future, who will make the world better. A nose expresses that we all need air to breathe, a fist is a sign of rights we all have, and a palm is a gesture to stop violence. All people have the same heart and blood inside. Birds fly in the sky, regardless of political boundaries. A blue ball is the planet we live on, and a river with a bridge reminds us that we should build connections, not destroy them.

It is a meaningful toy for creative playing. For those, for whom building houses is not enough, who want to speak about important things and bring up the child with ideas of equality and tolerance.

How to play:

  • Suggest your own meaning for every detail
  • Discuss during the play what equality and diversity mean

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