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Earth Rainbow Arc

Raduga Grez £19.13
Once out in nature, children begin to play – building with twigs and stones, puddling in puddles, putting acorns in their pockets. We took this natural skill of play and transferred it to our toys. Arcs are suitable for natural, intuitive interaction – they can be stacked on top of each other, stacked into different shapes, and built houses and shelters for small toys.

Earth Rainbow arcs are colored in deep, sophisticated hues – the color of blueberries on your fingers, the color of a quiet hollow, the color of November ice, the first grass, butter, dawn and sour garden cherries.

The arcs are made of linden wood, so they are light, stable, and quite strong. The linden trees were carefully grown and gathered in Russia, and then dried in the air for two years. The arcs are coated with health-safe paint without the use of lacquer.

How to play:

  • Put the details one on top of another and find balance
  • Build garages for cars or houses for toy animals
  • Build a tunnel for a car
  • Outline the details with a pencil on a paper
  • Learn more about colors
  • Play "more-less"

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