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Old City [Beige]

Raduga Grez £33.15
Modern cities are very big, they have everything, even more than they need. Playing Old City takes kids and parents to a fairy-tale space where you can create the perfect town - small and quiet, populated by magical creatures, with a toy store and a bubble shop, a magician's house and a cake shop. And, of course, a cozy cafe with strong coffee and fresh almond croissants for mom.

While building your city, you can study the peculiarities of architecture and urban planning, and talk about what you need for a comfortable life in the city. You can add a river of blue fabric to the landscape of your city, plant the streets with greenery and flowers, and invent your own eco-friendly transport.

Beautiful, muted colors are soothing to the eye, and water-based paints allow you to discern the texture of natural wood - you'll see that every detail is as unique as a fingerprint.

How to play:

  • Build a fairytale city, populate it with rainbow gnomes or other small toys
  • Build two villages and lay a road or railroad between them
  • Build the tallest tower you can
  • Imagine that the parts of the constructor are cakes, and have a tea party
  • Combine with Domes Instead of Cubes set or the Old City Rainbow

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