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Spring Colouring Page

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It's tempting to think of colouring in as inferior to drawing. It's not creative (although it can be), and it requires less skill. But for a preschooler, it can be the perfect stepping stone on the way to better pen-control. 

Colouring in relies on repetition. The same strokes, side-by-side, the pencil slowly edging across the page via a series of rapid but narrow zig-zags. To be good at colouring in means to have good pen control. To leave no white gaps - without going over the same space twice - is the mark of proficiency.

Can you see how the vertical and horizontal strokes -  and the spirals younger children make - will become the ascenders, descenders and curves of the letters of the alphabet?

If you colour in to become a better artist, you'll be disappointed. But view it as a bit of fun that can help develop important skills and you'll be delighted with the progress you make.

We hope you enjoy colouring this beautiful spring-time picture.

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