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The Three Little Pigs

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Using the familiar story of the three little pigs, you can develop imagination and storytelling, construction and motor skills, sharing and small world play, and many other aspects of learning with this simple activity.

Use a piece of cardboard or the base of a box as a platform for your scene. Discuss and think about which props you’ll need. Write a list if you can: grass, trees, straw, sticks and bricks for the pigs’ houses etc. You can use toy pigs and a wolf if you have them, or make your own if you are feeling creative. Is it summer or winter in your story? How will you create the breeze when the wolf huffs and puffs?

Then let your child play. They will re-tell the story in their own way, changing the story according to their whims. They may add more details from the story as they go deeper into their imagination. You can do this with any traditional tale or familiar story.

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