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Washing-Line Games

One Hundred Toys

A washing line provides a natural forum for easy, fun learning and can help with everything from colour recognition and counting to spelling and sequencing. Children enjoy being outside and the physical, lifesize nature of this setting in good weather. You can also create your own washing line indoors when it’s wet, with string tied between two chairs or similar.

A few ideas:

  • Use pegs to pin up numbers or letters in sequence. Remove one number. Guess which is missing
  • Make a sequence from one to seven. Which number comes next?
  • Hang up a basket of socks. How many pairs can you find?
  • Cut up the pictures from a well known story (old books from the  charity shop are great for this) and sequence the pictures in the right order. A series of story cards, like eeBoo’s Tell Me a Story, works as well.

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