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Wobbel £95.95
  • Perfect first Wobbel board
  • Light and easy to use
  • Supports physical strength and balance

Wobbel Starter is the perfect first board for all your wobbling fun. It’s easy to use for the smallest of children, helping them to gain strength and spatial awareness as they learn to balance and move. When all the wobbling is over, it makes a lovely cradle for reading and can become part of your imaginative play or small-world games. Comes with a soft recycled felt backing on one side.

For children over five, consider the larger Wobbel Original.

Suitable for all ages up to 100kgs. Dimensions L 70 cm W 27.5 cm

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Balancing on your Wobbel board

A log in the woods, a high-up wall in town, some stepping stones across a river or a wobbly bridge at the play park: wherever a child can spot a place to balance, you’ll find they’ll usually take up the challenge (often fraying the nerves of the adult who is accompanying them.) Balancing is so appealing to small children because it speaks to their so-called ‘sixth sense’: proprioception (more on this in our blog post on Balance.) Developing this sense means we are less likely to fall over when we run or skip, more able to move safely within the space around us, to have good posture and support strong gross and fine motor skills. Put simply, it’s extremely helpful. While we are always in favour of finding opportunities for balance play in nature, there are some days when it’s just not possible. A Wobbel board brings the potential for balance activities and play into your home. You can stand on it with feet apart and simply rock back and forth, or you can try kneeling or even standing on one leg. Get a sibling or pet or a favourite teddy on board and see how the weight affects the motion and what you are capable of. However you choose to explore with it: a Wobbel board helps your child develop that all important sense of balance, that will inform many years of confident play and fun.

Create small worlds with a Wobbel board

It’s perhaps hard to imagine how this innocuous-looking curve of plain wood can be so useful in small world play and games. But like all our favourite open-ended and deceptively simple toys such as blocks and silks, the Wobbel has an almost infinite amount of tricks up its sleeve. At its simplest, the curve can be a backdrop to a scene or setting, a way to carve out a space for small-world play in any room. Draped with a blue silk it’s the sky or a white one and it’s the moon, in front of which your figures and characters can play out their stories. But you can also flip the Wobbel over, and use the arched surface as a mountain or a skate park or a wave to surf. Flipped the other way it can be an ark for your animals, a ship for your soldiers or a space station for aliens and astronauts.

Use a Wobbel board in your vehicle play

Gravity, trajectory, speed and acceleration, sound and impact: these are just some of the concepts children explore through vehicle play (read more on vehicles and why they’re so important, here.) Whether it is racing cars or speed boats, fire engines or helicopters, the movement of objects through any given space and how it is affected by any number of variables, is an endlessly fascinating seam for young minds to explore. Language and speech is also a huge part of vehicle play (all that vroom vroom and beep beep) as is fine and gross motor development, as children learn how to put more power behind their police car or weave their ice cream van through the park. A Wobbel board comes in handy for all kinds of vehicle play. Use it’s curve to hurl cars down and see which one goes fastest or flies furthest away, use it as a bridge or tunnel in your cityscapes and race tracks, take it outside and see how your diggers and tractors approach it. You’ll find it provides a base for many happy hours of experimentation and delight.

Use your Wobbel for quiet time

We talk a lot about the benefits of boredom and giving children the time to do nothing (read more about it here.) When things feel overwhelming or children seem hyperstimulated, creating a cosy nook that invites them to slow down and simply be, can be a lifesaver. With its natural rocking motion the Wobbel provides a perfect base for these kinds of peaceful moments to flourish. Throw a favourite sheepskin or blanket over it and chuck on a couple of cushions, play some gentle music or an audiobook if you like, or simply let them listen to the sounds of the world around them. You’ll find it can come in especially handy for those children who are napping less in the day but still get tired and just need that little moment of calm. (Never leave a baby unattended on a Wobbel.)

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