Streamers are always fun. But did you know they’re also excellent practice for learning to write? The circular, vertical and zigzag movements they encourage are early forms of the loops, ascenders and descenders of writing. With all movements, we must first learn the gross (big) before progressing to the fine (small). Making circles with the arms comes before making circles with the hands and, eventually, fingers. 

What you’ll need:

  • ribbon (light enough to twirl easily)
  • wooden dowels, cut into 40 cm lengths
  • eye-hooks
  • key rings
  1. Screw the eye hook into the dowel.
  2. Connect the keyring to the dowel
  3. Knot one end of the ribbon to the keyring.

That’s it! Now enjoy making circles, zig-zags and figures of eight. Or try running with the streamer trailing behind, or make up a streamer dance routine to your favourite song.

NOTE: For a streamer in a hurry or on the move, tie a ribbon to the end of a pencil or stick.

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