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Welcome to 100 Toys

Children learn through doing. They learn by trying new things, by experimenting and making connections. Toys are nice to have but they are not essential. A well-set challenge gives a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that encourages even greater effort and achievement. 

Our courses, A Year With My Child (for toddlers) and Get Set Five (for preschoolers) tap into this kind of learning. We look at how the simplest materials, like cardboard, string, PVA glue and the contents of your kitchen cupboards help develop many of the most vital skills an under-5 must grasp.

There's no end goal, just pressure-free fun and discovery.

A Year With My Child

A weekly email packed with age-appropriate activities and fun things to do with your toddler.


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Get Set Five

Get ready for school in a fun and pressure-free way.


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Summer Camp

Get ready for school when you only have a few weeks.


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Thank you, thank you for this fount of knowledge and inspiration! Soaking up every word and loving the focused weekly format
Thank you for offering A Year With My Child! I am so grateful for the way you present your tried-and-true philosophy aimed at taking advantage of all the natural ways we can build a loving and stimulating learning atmosphere for our little ones. I very much appreciate the way you explain each concept and the reasoning behind each piece of a child’s development.
I’m a secondary teacher (Classics) but wish I could delay my children starting school. I love your play ethos - it really resounds with what I want childhood to be about. And I love the way you balance pedagogy with child psychology and parenting ideas. I’m learning a lot and thinking a lot. You’re doing a fantastic job, thank you!
I was so happy to find your email course! My daughter has [been unwell] and not been able to attend preschool. I have felt an incredible pressure to learn about early childhood development and create meaningful opportunities for her just within our home. In my search to learn, I easily became overwhelmed with too many voices and ideas found on social media. This year I have dedicated myself to seeking fewer and better experts to more reliably take away what I need to understand and assist her development and move on to playing with her more. Finding your weekly email course has been so meaningful and empowering.
I'm a teacher (but high school) and I love love love the theory behind all I'm learning in your courses and the inquiry-based approach. I'm also a big fan of your 100 Toys content and have gotten some really wonderful ideas from your posts there. Especially love the "shop your closet" toy rotation chart! Thanks for all you do. Your writing style is so direct, no-nonsense, informed, and lighthearted - it's clear you're a gifted educator, be it for children or their parents!
Absolutely loving the course, it's just fantastic. I love the fact it’s great theory without making me feel like I should be doing anything extra, bar tweaking what we are doing already. Very well pitched.