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Before their first day at school, every child needs a few basic skills in place to help them enjoy their first steps towards independence. From gripping a pencil and using a pair of scissors, to listening, concentrating and being able to ask for help — the more confident they feel, the better their experience of those vital first days and months will be.

As parents, we know instinctively that our children have too many one­-hit­ wonders: toys that light up, but are soon forgotten. We know they need less stuff and more time to make and do. But that’s a luxury many of us don’t have. So wouldn’t it be great if their toys weren’t only fun, but also deeply engaging, and helped them develop the skills we know they need?

A set of wooden blocks

We used to sell toys

Our goal, at One Hundred Toys, is to give you the tools you need to make an informed choice about the toys, games and activities you offer your child.

Through the blog we look at how children learn, and the environment they need to thrive. 

Play is simple but there are lots of ways to approach it. From schema play to independent playsymbolic play to imitation, we tackle it all. 

Not to mention open-ended playheuristic play and The Four Types of Play

And what’s so special about sorting? And why is a treasure basket the single most important thing you can give your child in her first year?

Learn, too, about how to organise your play space, with toy rotation and how the environment is your child’s ‘third teacher’.

Read about why we no longer sell toys.

Our courses

Children learn through doing. They learn by trying new things, by experimenting and making connections. Toys are nice to have but they are not essential. A well-set challenge gives a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that encourages even greater effort and achievement. 

Our courses, A Year With My Child (for toddlers) and Get Set Five (for preschoolers) tap into this kind of learning. We look at how the simplest materials, like cardboard, string, PVA glue and the contents of your kitchen cupboards help develop many of the most vital skills an under-5 must grasp.

There’s no end goal, just pressure-free fun and discovery.

RIE parenting essentials

Meet Alexis

I’m a former Early Years teacher and the founder of One Hundred Toys and Get Set Five. As a father of four, I know how hard it is to find time to create meaningful activities for children.

I love being with my children but I know that it’s good for them to spend time alone, to work things out for themselves. Through my courses, I hope I can show you that being alongside your child – in the same room but without necessarily engaging all the time – is not an abdication of responsibility. It is one of th greatest gifts you can give. School is still a long way off but it’s never too soon to become an independent learner with a can-do attitude.

I also want to empower you to choose – and eventually create – your own activities. In fact, my ultimate goal is to give you the confidence to leave it to your child. Toddlers learn through play, through exploration and discovery. They need self-initiated and self-directed tasks. Our job as parents is to make this possible.

You can read more about the 100 Toys story here.

To work with me, or to see my collaborations with other toy brands, contact me via my personal site or Play with Purpose.


  • We believe in the power of play
  • We believe that sometimes it’s better to make your own.
  • We believe that nature is the best classroom
  • We believe that you are better than any toy

The 100 Toys Method


Our introductory guide will help you declutter and get back to basics


Understand how children learn and the key changes they go through.


Introduce open-ended activities that encourage independent play.