Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are crucial to your child’s development. Handling objects from zips to pencils takes great control. Help your child develop the necessary hand and finger strength and dexterity with these fun activities.

Fine motor activities

Get started with these classic activities for getting the fingers and hands moving with control and precision.

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Fine motor skills for handwriting

Fine motor activities are fine, but some are especially good preparation for handwriting.

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Fine motor skills through outdoor play

Pluck a strawberry, plant seeds or scratch lines in the earth with a twig – there are all kinds of ways to have fine motor fun outside.

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Developing fine motor skills through everyday tasks

Fine motor skills are useful. We hold cups, do up buttons, press poppers and use cutlery. And all of these things help develop the pencil control we will need at school.

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How to hold a pencil

There are stages to developing a good pencil grip. Find out what they are and how to help your child progress.

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A child learning how to hold a pencil
A child threading orange slices and popcorn

Threading activities

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Colouring in

Handwriting exercises are boring; colouring in is fun. Which would you rather do? Your child agrees. Develop good pencil control and hand strength without making it feel like work.

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Sewing with preschoolers

Sewing is hard. But an older, confident preschooler can have a go. The rewards are great: the finest of fine motor control and some satisfying craft to show for your endeavours.

Easy Embroidery for Preschoolers

Like sewing but the focus is on making patterns and pictures. Make it easier by using binca or aida, with holes to guide your needle.

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Various embroidery stitches on binca
Playdough and playdough tools

Guide to playdough

The classic fine motor activity. It targets hand and finger muscles in all kinds of challenging ways. A pot of playdough is an essential for any toy box.

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Are you ready for school?

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