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Welcome To 100 Toys

Discover the power of play for the under 5s. Watch your child become a creative self-starter and learn how to offer just the right experience to guide their learning. All with fewer, if any toys. 

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The 100 Toys Method

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    Our introductory guide will help you declutter and get back to basics. 

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    Understand how children learn and the key changes they go through.

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    Introduce open-ended activities that encourage independent play.

    Independent Play

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Play with Purpose

We believe children need fewer toys. They learn through discovery, using open-ended materials to play in the most imaginative ways. As well as guides to how children learn, you can also read about the best educational toys, simple classics like blocks, sorting materials and small world figures

From Birth to Five

Would you like to know why doll’s house play is so important? Or perhaps you’ve heard of schemas and are wondering how they guide your toddler’s play? Then take a look at the 100. Think of it as a roadmap from birth to five. Created by our founder, Alexis Ralphs, you can think of it as 100 good things to do before you’re five.

Explore The 100

What parents
have to say…

  • "What a great idea for a toy shop. Good quality products sourced from all over, but twinned with play philosophy and, weirdly (but it works) an anti-consumer ethos… "

    Kristin I.
  • "The 100 toys list, and all that it offers parents in navigating the massive toy market, is wonderful; and the ethos of keeping things simple and even sometimes making rather than buying toys and resources is what makes 100 toys my preferred online toy shop. Their focus is not about maximising sales or manipulative marketing to children and/or parents. Refreshingly, their focus is about respecting play and the reality of what truly enhances this. It is obviously a labour of love so thank you for this lovely resource and fair prices on the toys you sell. I will continue to be a customer!"

    Anna R.
  • "Thank you for giving me the confidence to move away from plastic and the more obvious toys to things which undoubtedly give more quality entertainment and enhance my child's imaginative play!"

  • "Just wanted to send you a huge thank you. I subscribed to your [fewer, better] toys email.. got all my daughter's toys down and only put back the ones she absolutely loves. I've never seen her so happy. I've hardly seen her all day as she has been playing with toys that she not seen for ages as they've been hidden in boxes or cupboards. Thanks to your email its going to be a fantastic school half term. I never gave it much thought that she had too much choice."


Learn with 100 Toys

What if you didn't have to trawl the internet for play inspiration? What if your child's freely-chosen activities were simple to set up, educational and deeply engaging?

How would that change things?

Our courses, A Year With My Child and Get Set Five are designed for parents of toddlers and preschoolers and they're packed full of fun and sensible advice.

A Year With My Child

It's hard coming up with new things to do with a toddler. And checking Pinterest for inspiration leaves you drained. Yet more things to buy and an elaborate set-up for something your child may never engage with.

A Year With My Child is here to help.

Learn how to get more play with less stuff with our weekly email course. Read more here

Get Set Five

Do you have a preschooler? 

Would you like them to develop some key skills before starting school?

How wonderful to go in on that first day feeling like you belong.

Get Set Five is a week-by-week plan to get your child ready for school.

Learn more.

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