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Getting Under 5s Ready For Life

100 Toys is a place where you can learn about your child's development, and discover toys and free activities to help them along. With years of teaching experience, and using a framework backed by science, our mission is to help you understand how your child grows, what they need at each step of the way, and how to gently steer their path to ensure they enjoy the journey.

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Toys and Playtime Matter

The right toys, at the right time, can be important tools for your child's development. Children need a variety of experiences and a small, well-chosen collection of toys can provide the stimulation that makes learning happen. But playtime is not just about toys. Sometimes only the attention of an interested adult will do. At 100 Toys, we're here to help you choose the right toys and to know just when to use them.

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Welcome To 100 Toys

We started 100 Toys with two simple aims: to give children the skills they need to thrive, and to empower families to make their own choices around toys and playtime. As parents with a background in teaching, we believe that children should have a life rich in experiences - and fun! - before the pressures of school begin.

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