Guide to Plan Toys

Brilliantly inventive Plan Toys combine an emphasis on sustainable production with child-development and learning. This Thai-based firm, which has been going since 1981, uses reclaimed rubber wood to make its tactile and brightly-coloured pieces, all of which are aimed at supporting the under-fives in learning through play. As well as being excellent for physical development such as fine-motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination, many of their toys are open-ended and can be used in imaginative and small-world play.

Plan Toys in the One Hundred Toys range include a number of first puzzles with geometric shapes such as squares, circles and triangles, which young children enjoy matching and fitting into the correct places. There’s a range of floating toys for bathtime or outside in a tub, including speed-boats and sailing-boats manned by friendly animals, as well as a self-contained waterway set for a truly immersive experience. Sliceable fruit and vegetables, dining sets and tea sets are all great for imaginative play and promoting social and emotional intelligence.

All Plan Toys are sustainably made in Thailand with a meticulously eco-conscious approach. Woods are responsibly sourced with waste materials being re-directed for energy in local villages and the Plan Toys factory. Meanwhile the progressive workforce is defined by diversity and equal opportunities. All of which means your Plan Toys favourites are supporting and protecting the environment for future generations.