Guide to KAPLA blocks

More than one type of block play

How do you play with blocks?

Do you have a baby who is learning to reach and grasp, a toddler who stacks and lines up or a preschooler who makes buildings with windows and doors?

If you’ve read our guide to blocks you’ll know that there are many stages to block play. They mirror your child’s development in other domains. Motor development is a priority for babies but after years of handling blocks physically, preschoolers have learnt to manipulate objects in their minds. They don’t have to place a block to know if it will fit and they can imagine entire constructions without ever opening the toy box.

What makes KAPLA unique?

KAPLA’s biggest limitation is also its greatest strength: There is only one kind of block. Working within tight constraints demands creativity. Challenges are presented and must be overcome.

Imaginative small world play

Blocks are not just for building. Or rather, the fun doesn’t stop simply because you’ve finished your construction. KAPLA is brilliant for rapid building. No need to waste time looking for the right piece – they’re all the same! Instead, spend your time and creative energy making a set for small world play. From a single house to a whole town, the choice is yours.

Engineering challenges for master builders

You decide to build a bridge but a single block isn’t long enough. How will you span the gap? You could build several piers, a block’s width apart. But that’s not a very elegant solution. At some point you try to span a larger gap. It doesn’t happen straight away but over time you create your very own, highly idiosyncratic, cantilever design. You didn’t need a book or an engineer to advise you. Just time with the materials to hypothesise and experiment.

You don’t need many

The smallest set, KAPLA challenge, contains just sixteen blocks and comes with a set of cards that presents a variety of engineering problems. When you really get into block play it’s essential to have enough pieces to complete your designs but many of the principles can be learnt with just a few. This set is the perfect introduction to the brand and to this type of play.

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