Guide to HABA toys

HABA create sturdy blocks, outdoor toys and forest school equipment, woodworking tools for children, plus tough garden toys and classic wooden ball tracks.

HABA blocks come in two varieties: simple wooden blocks in a natural finish and coloured puzzle blocks for problem solving and pattern-making. The natural blocks are based off a 4 x 4 x 4 cm cube, making them compatible with HABA ball tracks and marble runs. This means they can also be used interchangeably with Grimm’s blocks and also wooden railways, like Brio and Tender Leaf.

In the Terra Kids range, traditional tools have been adapted and refashioned for the needs of 21st century children. Pen knives and saws, block and tackles, and tools like gimlets and drills open up a world of possibilities for young forest kinder, allowing them to challenge themselves and problem-solve in the outdoors. While essential kit like binoculars, water flasks and torches, make every walk an adventure. The outdoor play experience builds confidence, encouraging children to be independent, curious and creative as they explore their surroundings.

At first glance, HABA’s puzzles are easy to dismiss. They are clearly well made but the designs are unexciting. Why not choose something more attractive?

But it takes restraint to create something so simple and user-friendly. Detailed illustrations may look nice but they can be confusing for young children. HABA’s plain designs put the child first.

Read more about how to choose the right puzzle for your child with our guide to puzzles.

Do you remember the excitement of your first marble run? The painstaking build, the wonky construction and the wobbles? The stillness as you got ready to release the ball, breath held as it swooped around bends and tumbled down slopes. Would it make it? Of course! What fun!

Marble runs are brilliant. But if your child is too young to build one successfully (or is under three and still liable to put the marble in her mouth), choose a ball track instead. The balls are larger (4cm across) but the game is no less fun. Best of all, ball tracks can be added to and the pieces eventually mixed with wooden blocks and the more grown-up marble run to create huge constructions of great complexity and challenge.

All HABA products go through a rigorous design process, where every item is researched and tested, with impeccably sourced materials and durable, lasting products. The result is a range that gives children reliable support and encouragement to explore, just when they need it.

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