The 100 Toys Manifesto

Keep it simple.

Learn to be creative and make your own fun. It’s good for you. The right toys can help – but not too many.

That’s it.⠀

We believe in the power of play

Children learn through play. Give them an interesting environment full of challenge and possibility. Nature will do the rest.

Sometimes it’s better to make your own

Own less. Make the things you don’t have. Creativity lives in the spaces that open up.

Nature is the best classroom

Get outside – with or without a plan -and see where it leads.

You are better than any toy

Sing songs, play games or just hang out. You are your child’s first teacher.

Children need challenge

Try something new. Try something hard. It’s how we learn and how we remember.

Play with purpose

Choose open-ended toys whose challenge increases as your child grows.

Keep it fun

There’s a time for pressure and hard work but it’s not when you’re under five.

You get out what you put in

A diet of good books and rich experiences is all you need for a creative, self-starting child who can make their own fun. 

Develop higher-order thinking skills with block play

Toys are important

The right toy at the right time can aid development. But you don’t need many.

Let them help

Children want to be useful. Sometimes housework is the best game.

Everything is a toy

A cardboard box, a jar of buttons,  a kitchen roll tube. Is there a toy better than these?

It’s good to be bored

Get out of the way. Let your child wallow in boredom. Independent play is good for them and good for us too.