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About 100 Toys

Before their first day at school, every child needs a few basic skills in place to help them enjoy their first steps towards independence. From gripping a pencil and using a pair of scissors, to listening, concentrating and being able to ask for help — the more confident they feel, the better their experience of those vital first days and months will be.

As parents we know instinctively that our children have too many one­-hit­ wonders: toys that light up, but are soon forgotten. We know they need less stuff and more time to make and do. But that's a luxury many of us don't have. So wouldn't it be great if their toys weren't only fun, but also deeply engaging, and helped them develop the skills we know they need?

Our courses

Children learn through doing. They learn by trying new things, by experimenting and making connections. Toys are nice to have but they are not essential. A well-set challenge gives a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that encourages even greater effort and achievement. 

Our courses, A Year With My Child (for toddlers) and Get Set Five (for preschoolers) tap into this kind of learning. We look at how the simplest materials, like cardboard, string, PVA glue and the contents of your kitchen cupboards help develop many of the most vital skills an under-5 must grasp.

There's no end goal, just pressure-free fun and discovery.

Our Manifesto

  • 1
    We believe in the power of play
  • 2
    We believe that sometimes it's better to make your own.
  • 3
    We believe that nature is the best classroom
  • 4
    We believe you are better than any toy
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Learn with 100 Toys

Our goal, at One Hundred Toys, is to give you the tools you need to make an informed choice about the toys, games and activities you offer your child.

Through the blog and The 100, we look at how children learn, and the environment they need to thrive.

Play is simple but there are lots of ways to approach it. From schema play to independent play, symbolic play to imitation, we tackle it all.

Not to mention open-ended play, heuristic play and The Four Types of Play.

And what's so special about sorting? And why is a treasure basket the single most important thing your give your child in her first year?

Learn, too, about how to organise your play space, with toy rotation and how the environment is your child's 'third teacher'.

100 Toys is created by former teacher and father of four, Alexis Ralphs.

What parents have to say...

  • "What a great idea for a toy shop. Good quality products sourced from all over, but twinned with play philosophy and, weirdly (but it works) an anti-consumer ethos… "

    Kristin I.
  • "The 100 toys list, and all that it offers parents in navigating the massive toy market, is wonderful; and the ethos of keeping things simple and even sometimes making rather than buying toys and resources is what makes 100 toys my preferred online toy shop. Their focus is not about maximising sales or manipulative marketing to children and/or parents. Refreshingly, their focus is about respecting play and the reality of what truly enhances this. It is obviously a labour of love so thank you for this lovely resource and fair prices on the toys you sell. I will continue to be a customer!"

    Anna R.

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