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37. Collage

Jan 21, 2022 • 7 min read
37. Collage
Collage has so much added value on top of being a fun and easy way to be creative.

Collage has so much added value on top of being a fun and easy way to be creative.

It demands mastery of many skills that are vital to pre-schoolers. Think of the the dexterity required to use scissors or apply glue to the material and stick it to the paper. And regardless of any artistic vision, simply choosing a spot to stick your piece and successfully positioning it there - without getting it stuck to your fingers - is a real challenge.

Nature collage - collecting and using materials from the outdoors - is especially good for focusing on themes such as the seasons, materials or eco-systems, as well as building vocabulary and language. All children love a treasure hunt and the challenge of finding interesting items to go on their collage will always be met with enthusiasm. Leaves, nuts, twigs, shells, sand, stones, and even litter can all be collected for use in a collage. As can dried flowers, different coloured papers, beads, sequins and pretty much anything you want to use. It’s always a good idea to give the collage session a theme such as the seaside or woodland. Clean your pieces as much as you can and use a good quality glue and solid cardboard, to avoid any disappointing results. Keep your masterpiece looking lovely for longer by painting over it with a thin layer of PVA glue. This helps to bind the pieces to the board and gives a nice, shiny finish.


I'm Alexis, father of four and founder of One Hundred Toys. I taught in London primary schools for thirteen years, specialising in the early years. Now I write about all things play here on the blog. Read more

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