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Growth mindset

Day 9 - Growth Mindset

Alexis Ralphs Sep 21 • 7 min read

Day 9 - Help your child develop the right mindset.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is the belief that they are a good learner and that, with hard work, it is possible to become smarter.

If you think that intelligence is fixed, self-improvement is futile. This leads to feelings of helplessness. Worse still, if you have been told you are clever, you become less likely to take risks and try new things. You are afraid to fail as you will lose your cherished status.

However, if you have what is called a growth mindset, you see intelligence as malleable. You love learning for its own sake and are less attached to outcomes. You do your best. You don't believe that failure highlights some fundamental flaw in your character. You'll try again next time. You'll get better.

Today's challenge:

Do you have a growth mindset? Or is yours more fixed? Do you pass on these beliefs to your child by the way you speak to them? What could you do to make sure that your child goes to school ready to learn, willing to try and happy to fail?

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