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Guide to block play

A set of wooden blocks

Is there a better toy than the simple block? Whether you need a castle or a cave, a house or a road, reach for the blocks. Can you think of anything that delights both babies and preschoolers as much? From a baby’s earliest attempts to grasp and manipulate objects through to a school-child’s sprawling constructions, …

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45. Shapes

Learning to distinguish between shapes is essentially an early form of reading. Children who can tell which shapes are which, can better differentiate between different letters when they progress on to reading. Being able to recreate shapes also helps with writing. Most letters are based on a combination of circles and squares, or lines at …

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Sorting activities | Help to your child organise her thinking

Sorting is the most important activity your child will ever do. Without it, no other kinds of play are possible. And done right it’s a superpower. In this simple guide we’ll explore different sorting activities and how best to introduce them. What is sorting and why is it important? Sorting is simple. Just group things …

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Functional play

Does your baby or toddler enjoy repetitive play with everyday objects? Is she less interested in ‘proper’ toys? This is functional play, the first of four types of play outlined by Sara Smilansky, a developmental psychologist who studied how play develops in young children. The rest of the series is here: Preschoolers are happy to …

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