Sensory play

Cloud dough recipe

A lump of cloud dough on a table.

When it comes to sensory play, there’s a plethora of options to choose from – playdough, slime, Gak, and many more. But there’s another exciting sensory play material that you might not have tried yet: cloud dough. Its soft, mouldable, and delightfully squishy texture offers a distinct sensory experience that sets it apart from other …

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Fluffy slime recipe

Six balls of fluffy slime

With its unique texture and fun-to-play nature, fluffy slime is a fascinating substance that provides both entertainment and sensory stimulation. If you haven’t introduced your child to fluffy slime yet, it’s high time you did! Unlike regular slime, it has a soft, airy texture, much like a marshmallow, making it more exciting to touch, squish, …

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Slime recipe

Four colourful pots of children's slime

Slime is yucky. Slime is fun! The first time you push your fingers into it, you’re not so sure. You hesitate. And that’s the point. Slime is perfect for sensory play, a malleable material that should feature regularly in your child’s early explorations. The slight revulsion toddlers and preschoolers feel when they approach slime and …

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Gak recipe

A bowl of blue Gak

Gak is slime and slime is fun. There are some differences (see below) but, in essence, Gak is a slimy, sensory adventure that’s both fun to make and even more fun to explore. It’s a wonderfully squishy and stretchy substance that has a unique texture and elasticity fundamentally different from most common play materials like …

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Oobleck recipe

A child playing with Oobleck

Oobleck is weird. It sits at the junction of science and fun, a bit of both and a lot of neither. Water and honey flow easily when you pour them. They are ‘Newtonian’ fluids which means they behave as you would expect, no matter how quickly you try to push or stir them. But Oobleck …

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Sensory play

You don’t have to spend long online to come across sensory play. Fill a bowl with slime and plunge your hands into it Put shaving foam into a tuff spot and draw pictures with your finger Play with rice using scoops and bowls Hmm… I thought there was more than one sense. What happened to …

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Sand and Water Play

Sand and water go together like coffee and chocolate. Nice on their own but great together. They are open-ended materials which means that the play possibilities are endless. There are no fixed outcomes here. It’s all about exploration and discovery and there is always something new to learn. Water play It might look like they …

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