The rotation schema

A girl spinning round with her arms stretched out

A toddler stands in front of the washing machine, watching it go round. And around. Later he takes a crayon and draws jerky spirals on paper. He also runs round and round a tree in the garden and spends a long time pushing his wooden train around the track. These are all physical manifestations of …

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The positioning schema

A child positioning one piece of pasta next to another

Here is a girl. She is lining up beans along the windowsill. One, then another, then another. All in a row, evenly spaced out. She didn’t start out with this arrangement in mind. She simply put one bean down and then another. Something about the configuration looked right. The line travelling in the same direction …

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Transformation schema

Your child is painting a picture. She mixes some paint, pouring red into yellow. As she swirls her brush the colours combine. At first, the colours form discrete streaks but they soon interminigle and she has a beautiful pot of vibrant orange. But something is going on. The paint is not transferred to the page. …

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