Preschooler Activities

Time and sequencing activities for preschoolers

Understanding time and sequencing can be challenging for preschoolers, but it’s an essential skill that underpins learning, communication, and daily life. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of sequencing, visual timetables, and various activities to help your child develop these crucial skills. The Importance of Sequencing Sequencing is a hidden skill that supports reading, …

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Geoboard Activities for Preschoolers

A geoboard with elastic bands

Geoboard activities for preschoolers provide engaging methods to gain early math skills, spatial awareness, fine motor skills, and coordination. If you want to offer endless opportunities for open-ended play that help increase your children’s potential for academic achievement, then check out these geoboard activities for preschoolers. What Is a Geoboard? When you’re looking for math …

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