Arts & Crafts

Transient art

A transient art picture comprising playdough shapes and dried flowers

Have you ever scratched a picture in the sand on a beach? Or built a sandcastle? How did you feel when the waves washed it away? How did you feel when your chalk ‘Wanted’ poster for a ‘LLOST CA’ (Lost Cat) disappeared with the rain? It wasn’t so bad, was it? Why? You expected it. …

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Printmaking with children: Exploring patterns

A child printmaking with a potato

Printmaking is a wonderful artistic technique that offers endless opportunities for your preschooler to explore her creativity, develop fine motor skills, and discover the beauty of textures and patterns. In this article, we will guide you through the exciting process of introducing printmaking to your child, using materials readily available at home. So, roll up …

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Process art

A child sprinkling glitter onto glue

Sometimes you want to draw a picture.  And you want it to look like something. A picture to give to Grandma that she can hang on her wall. Something like this, perhaps: But that’s not what young children usually do. Usually, they are caught up in the moment, playing with the materials, seeing what they …

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Junk Modelling | The Perfect Preschooler Activity

A junk model made from a cardboard egg box

There is construction play – and then there is junk modelling. Junk modelling is by far the most creative and challenging type of construction play for young children. Toys like Lego and wooden blocks are excellent and rightly popular – but their strength is also their greatest weakness. Regular sizes and straight lines make construction …

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