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#noplanetB - Grapat goes green in 2019

#noplanetB - Grapat goes green in 2019

Alexis Ralphs Feb 24 • 7 min read
Meet the team behind Grapat and take a sneak peek at some of the new-for-2019 pieces, as seen at the Nuremberg toy fair.

Fans of Grapat have even more to love now as the brand has gone entirely plastic-free! Their packs of loose parts - rings, coins, beehives and myriad other shapes - now arrive in the brand’s trademark brown boxes, not the clear plastic bags they’ve used until recently.

Grapat has long taken their environmental responsibilities seriously, using woods and inks that are grown and sourced ethically. But they have now gone a step further by becoming part of the No Planet B movement, striving to make the small changes that will have a big impact on climate change. You'll see the #noplanetB hashtag on their packaging and across social media. Well worth looking into if, like us, you're concerned by the amount of waste families with young children can generate.

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We met Grapat's Jordi and Casiana (pictured above) at the recent Nuremberg toy fair and we're excited to share their new products with you.


Grapat brots

First up, the very brilliant ‘Brots’ peg people. These curious folk are like Nins but larger and have ridges around them, making them extra grippable and pleasing to hold, and they come in a range of soft shades.


Grapat insects

We are also excited to introduce a range of new Grapat insects, which we have a hunch will be popular. There are ladybirds, worms and other insect-inspired figures, all in pleasing tactile forms and painted in natural inks. Don’t be surprised to find them in all your children’s pockets!

Loose parts

Grapat eggs

We’re also introducing more loose parts: eggs (purple); water droplets (blue version of the flames from last year); and cones (orange versions of the green trees from 2018.)

Tinker trays

Grapat tinker trays

And, if your loose-parts toy collection needs some organising then look no further than the tinker trays. Rather like old printers’ drawers, they are the ideal shape and size for storing and displaying all your Grapat treasures.

Look out for the new 2019 pieces in March.

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