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Getting Ready For Life

Soon your pre-schooler will be off to school and you’ll be left wondering how those early years passed by so fast. We tend to think of school as a learning environment but there is much more to school than reading, writing and maths. Confidence in their own abilities and physical co-ordination - being able to ask questions and tie their own shoe-laces - are as important at this stage as being able to say the alphabet or count to 10. You can help give them the best start by building their life skills at home. Small responsibilities around the house such as tidying up are a great way to start and give a sense of independence which feeds into confidence. Encouraging independent play, where they self-direct for sustained periods, will nurture their capacity for paying attention and focus. Learning to take turns and to manage their feelings will go a long way to ensuring a smooth start at school and to building strong friendships with their peers. Board games and parlour games are wonderful ways to explore these ideas, as is asking good questions and conversation. There is no rush to learn to read and write but if your child seems interested you can cover basic letters, numbers and shapes at home all through play. Our Starting School Guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Starting School Guide