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Language Development

Language begins to flourish at around 18-24 months and you will usually find you have quite a chatterbox on your hands around this time. Even if your child is more of a quiet type you can encourage and nurture language development in a number of ways. The best way to help your child talk is to have conversations with them and ask good questions. Even if their vocabulary and oral skills aren’t perfect, the simple act of engaging in a verbal exchange will help them develop the skills and understanding they need. Small world play is a great way to talk with your child while focussing on a theme or story, and of course simply reading stories provides them with a library of words to use. It’s also an opportunity to use sustained shared thinking, where you and your child collaborate and discuss a project or game together for a period of time. Listening to the radio, music and even sounds in nature such as birdsong can all inform your toddlers understanding of the rhythm and musicality of speech.