Introducing Peaceable Kingdom: Non-competitive board games

Peaceable Kingdom produce board games that get children working together, instead of against each other.

These award-winning games require cooperation between players in order for everyone to win. Games such as Hoot Owl Hoot, Feed The Woozle, and Count Your Chickens, pit players against an opposing force such as a forthcoming sunrise or a wicked witch, and they must work as a team to beat their challenger and win the game.

The simple concept leaves no-one behind, and with a common goal at the heart of the game, cultivates a culture of kindness and collaboration between those playing together. Social skills, strategic and tactical thinking are all called upon and developed.

Race to the Treasure - choosing a card - Peaceable Kingdom

What’s more, the crucial element of competition isn’t lost with a co-operative board game, merely re-directed towards something or someone imagined (ie not one of the other players.)

Race to the Treasure - here comes the ogre - Peaceable Kingdom

The result are board games which actually build relationships and friendships. And, because no-one feels left out, and the opportunities for disagreements and tears and much reduced, parents are happier when their children are playing Peaceable Kingdom games, too.

All materials are impeccably sourced, printed on FSC papers and woods, with soy-based inks and corn-based plastics.

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