Water Play with Pipes and Guttering

Water Play with Pipes and Guttering

Children find water play endlessly fascinating and will happily spend hours experimenting with the materials. Which slope works best? What happens if you add mud to the water? What about stones?

To build your own ‘water-park’, start with a length of guttering and a jug of water. Later on, you can add further lengths of guttering, drainpipes, hoses and funnels. Allow the children to discover different configurations. How best to connect everything? Is there anything to hand which moves down the slope in an interesting way? Try sand, tennis balls or even toy cars.

There’s no need to secure the pipes to a wall. Part of the fun is seeing how they can be propped up using improvised brackets or balanced on walls or plant pots.

Cut the guttering to the desired length using a saw and don’t forget to sand down any rough edges. Now enjoy as your children play, happily engaged and making deep connections in their learning.

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