Writing corner

Writing corner

Show them early on that writing is a joy, and the battle to perfect handwriting and correct grammar is more than half-won.

To make writing something they look forward to, you could try creating a dedicated writing corner at home. Make an inviting area – in their room or somewhere else not too busy –  with a comfortable chair and a table or desk that’s at the right height for your child.

Display different examples of writing; include anything from a handwritten note to a picture of graffiti on a train. An alphabet chart and a list of common words, names of family members and friends, are all good.

Have lots of writing materials handy. Pots of crayons and pieces of paper being readily available makes writing accessible. Different coloured papers, graph and lined paper, post-its, a rubber and a sharpener will all help.

Forms and leaflets that need filling out, as well as practical tasks, are also a great way to keep writing fresh. A toy catalogue with an order form, an old cheque book, a note to the milkman and bedroom door signs can all be fun ways to experiment with writing.

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