49. Digging

So much of your toddler’s play is about investigation and few activities are more essentially investigative than digging. Taking a spade to the earth and seeing what you can find is one of the simplest and yet most exciting exercises your child can engage in. Are there worms? What colour is the soil? What can we make with the earth? What can we put in the hole we’ve just dug?

Even if you don’t have a patch of garden for them to dig, you can dig in a sandpit or a tuff spot, or head out to the woods or the beach and dig. Buckets, jugs, wheelbarrows and of course, spades can all be used in digging, providing new and exciting physical challenges alongside the thrill of discovery.

You can extend your digging play by planting and gardening, or identifying mini-beasts and other creatures, or use your dig-outs for imaginary games and small world scenes. Create a time capsule and bury it.

What projects will your child start? And where might they lead?


Have you thought about how you’ll get through those long summer holidays? Do you have a patch of ground outside your back door, even if it’s just a patio?

Yes? Then I have the answer: digging.

All you need is a spade (or a shovel, sand and a tuff spot if your space is completely paved).

Dig to the centre of the earth, look for minibeasts, enjoy the rhythm of removing spade after spade of material. Add water, leaves or sand. Bring figures and the dump truck from the toy box.

A whole summer’s worth of fun.


What projects will your child start? And where might they lead?⠀

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