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Grapat’s wooden toys are inspired by a natural approach and the idea that children need only a few key basics to create their own games and imaginary worlds. Simple wooden figures, cups, bowls, loose parts and shapes in seasonal shades provide a natural gateway to play for toddlers and young children. Grapat was founded by a Spanish husband and wife team who were inspired by watching their daughter play freely in the Catalunyan countryside, with very few toys at her disposal. Unhindered by pre-determined ideas or games, she created worlds of her own from things she found at home or outside in nature, playing intensely for many happy hours.

They realised that when children are given freedom to imagine, their play becomes something they take very seriously indeed, working hard at it for hours and days, immersed in universes of their own creation. Inspired by this experience with their daughter, they set out to create a world of play that could flourish for other children in the way their daughter’s had.

Grapat products are props for children to use how they want to: simple peg dolls (‘nins’), cups, bowls, balls and blocks are at the core of the range, all of them in earthy, natural shades with the wood’s grain left visible. The natural qualities of the wood, the sound and the smell as well as the look and feel, are an important part of the Grapat experience.

Loose parts are also a large feature of the Grapat range, offering many different opportunities for play and growing with the child at every stage of their development. With their capacity for moving, sorting, stacking, arranging and hiding, loose parts ask children to problem-solve and investigate, question and assess, and continually change their own play, all without the child even realising. Loose parts can also be a toy in their own right, or work in conjunction with other toys or materials like clay or fabrics. What’s more, the colours and shapes of the loose parts, in particular the mandalas,  makes them beautiful to see and have around.

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