Forest school fun in your garden with HABA tools

Supporting exploration

German toy manufacturers HABA have been making their tough outdoor toys and forest school accessories for many generations. Their mission is to stimulate children’s natural curiosity and innate drive to explore, with toys that support them on their adventures in the natural world.

HABA dinosaur carving blanks

HABA dinosaur carving blanks are cut from wood soft enough for young children to shape.

Tools for success

In the Terra Kids range, the traditional tools and equipment used by woodsmen and women for centuries have been adapted and refashioned for the needs of 21st century children. Pen knives and saws, block and tackles, and tools like gimlets and drills open up a world of possibilities for young forest kinder, allowing them to challenge themselves and problem-solve in the outdoors. While essential kit like binoculars, water flasks and torches, make every walk an adventure. The outdoor play experience builds confidence, encouraging children to be independent, curious and creative as they explore their surroundings.

HABA hand drill

The HABA Hand Drill requires a degree of co-ordination, but is easily mastered by most four-year-olds. Who needs the fake plastic power drills you get with most children’s tool kits when you can drill real holes!

Sensory and challenging

Other HABA toys in the One Hundred Toys range include the excellent wooden ball track, a classic which can be added to and augmented over time, challenging children’s logical and spatial thinking, developing everything from mathematics to motor skills, while also managing to be the best fun. Sand and water play accessories like the dump truck and watering cans are characteristically tough, helping children to achieve their goals in the garden and explore the textures and properties of sand, water and other outdoor materials.

HABA shovel excavator

The HABA Shovel Excavator is busy removing soil from the building site.

Quality and design

All HABA products go through a rigorous design process, where every item is researched and tested, with impeccably sourced materials and durable, lasting products. The result is a range that gives children reliable support and encouragement to explore, just when they need it.