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Grimm's Wooden Toys

They are perennial play favourites, but what are the benefits of playing with Grimm’s wooden toys? Let our guide show you the way:

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The benefits of wooden open-ended toys

Children are naturally curious about the world around them, and always keen to discover new things through play experiences. Open-ended play is essential for the early development stages of children, because it engages their imagination and problem-solving skills.

Open-ended toys offer no predetermined outcomes or limits - there is no right or wrong way to play with open-ended toys. Children can use their creativity and their play go in any direction they want. You’ll find many of the best open-ended toys are wooden, because they don’t require batteries and are built to last over many years.

Here are some of the benefits of wooden open-ended play toys made by Grimm’s:

Colours and matching skills

With Grimm’s wooden toys such as the iconic wooden rainbow and wooden stacking towers, your child can learn how to match objects by shape and to name colours.

Thanks to their bold, bright inks (that are always safe and non-toxic), they are easy for children to identify and learning colours and shapes quickly becomes part of their play.

Sensory experience

Playing with wooden toys offers a tactile experience that is unlike playing with plastic and other materials. There’s also an aroma that evokes a sense of time spent in nature. This all adds to the organic sensory experience of playing with Grimm’s wooden toys. The complex neurological connections in children’s brains that need to take place in order to recognise shapes, volume, weight, and surface, can all develop more effectively.

Freedom to imagine

Open-ended play activates children’s imagination and invites them to hypothesise, manipulate and investigate.The way they use their toys can easily change depending on the game they are playing - because we all know how quickly a game of pirates can evolve into space exploration.

Without sounds and flashing lights to entertain them, children have to think about their own uses, games, and outcomes. As there are no specific plans or fixed conclusions, there is no limit to the number of ways to play with Grimm’s toys.

Encourages risk-taking

One of the most significant barriers that human brains encounter while learning is the fear of making a mistake. Open-ended play creates a low-stress space where a child can take risks and where it is safe to make mistakes. With toys like Grimm’s wooden blocks, stacking bowls and towers, children can learn that mistakes are part of the process and that with multiple trials you can be successful.

Develops social and emotional intelligence

Open-ended play toys are excellent when two or more toddlers play together because, in order to achieve an aim they have in mind, they need to communicate with each other effectively. For this reason, they learn how to understand social cues and how to reply properly, which helps to develop their social skills. Through their play, they can experience a wide range of emotions and, in this way, develop their emotional intelligence.

Cost-effective toys

It is worth noting that open-ended wooden toys are really cost-effective. As there are many ways to play with them, children can develop new ideas, learn, and explore as they grow. It’s the child who dictates the play, so it can be reinvented almost endlessly over many years.

For example, a 2-year-old can build and knock down a small block tower, learning shapes, balance, and a bit about gravity. When the child is 4 years old, they can experiment with building castles, trains or houses - this can teach the child patience, coordination, maths, and other skills.

The cost-effectiveness of these toys is also improved by their durability. As they are made from solid wood, they don’t break easily, and last to be passed down to siblings, cousins or friends. There are even antique wooden blocks for sale on eBay that are well over 50 years old!


Plastic, battery-operated toys are harmful to the planet. As wood is a natural resource and completely biodegradable, Grimm’s wooden blocks can be used for as long as they exist.

By playing with Grimm’s toys, children learn to love natural products and to keep the planet safe.

Final world

Grimm’s toys provide children with that perfect mix of fun and learning. These wooden, open-ended toys can boost their creativity, emotional intelligence, and curiosity, and they encourage them to keep on trying, even if they make mistakes.

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